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January 17, 2024

Solar Solutions Window Tint Offerings


You walk in to the shop, ready to tint your window, and then get bombarded with the question: Which film would you like?

Our sales reps are good, they’ll guide you in the right direction. However, we all like to do our own research, so I’m here to help out as best as I can, gathering all the information for you.

Our Solar Solutions shop in Vero Beach offers quality window film, regardless of which film you choose. We take a proactive approach, by only offering the best of the best – film that we can trust! Our films of choice are XPEL Prime CS, XPEL Prime XR, Solar Guard VortexIR, and Solar Guard XenithIR.

But let’s start with the basics.

What is the Legal Tint Limit In Florida?

For Sedans:

Front side windows must allow more than 28% of light in.

Rear side windows must allow more than 15% of light in.

The rear window must allow more than 15% of light in.

For SUVs and Vans:

Front side windows must allow more than 28% of light in.

Rear side windows must allow more than 6% of light in.

The rear window must allow more than 6% of light in.

Fun Fact! The Front windshield should not have any reflective quality, and should not go below the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. As for the front windows, they can’t be more than 25% reflective, and rear side windows cannot be over 35%.

Legal stuff over, let’s go to what you came for.

Our Window Film Options

XPEL Prime CS:

Budget-friendly and classic, this dyed film reduces glare, blocks harmful UV rays (SPF 500!), and keeps your car cooler, all while maintaining crystal-clear signal strength. It’s the perfect choice for value-conscious drivers who want comfort without breaking the bank.

XPEL Prime XR:

Take it up a notch with premium nano-ceramic technology. Prime XR offers unbeatable UV protection (SPF 1,000!), exceptional heat rejection, and superior clarity, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice visibility for coolness. Ideal for those who demand the best in comfort and style.

Solar Guard VortexIR:

This high-performance ceramic film packs a punch. VortexIR boasts impressive infrared ray rejection (up to 88%), keeping your car noticeably cooler. Plus, its rich black color enhances your vehicle’s look and blocks over 99% of harmful UV rays. Talk about a win-win!

Solar Guard XenithIR:

The pinnacle of automotive tinting, XenithIR uses cutting-edge ceramic technology to deliver the coolest interior temperatures yet. Enjoy maximum UV protection, crystal-clear signal transmission, and a stunningly deep black hue that turns heads. For the ultimate driving experience, look no further.

Remember: Each film comes in a variety of shades to personalize your look and optimize glare reduction. At Solar Solutions, our experts will help you find the perfect match for your vehicle, budget, and needs.

We recommend stopping by and checking out the films in person. Sometimes, seeing it in person will let you know which will fit best for your ride.

So, don’t settle for a scorching ride. Visit Solar Solutions today and let us transform your car into a cool, comfortable ride.

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