February 23, 2024

Solar Solutions’ Guide to a Beautiful Workplace


Here at Solar Solutions, we’re passionate about creating workspaces that inspire and revitalize. Our philosophy? Happy employees are productive employees, and that starts with a comfortable and engaging environment.

Intrigued? Here are our top tips to turn your office into a haven for your team:

Cool Down with Window Film:


Yes, you guessed it – window film is your secret weapon against the Florida heat. By reducing solar heat gain, you’ll create a cooler, more comfortable workspace for your team. This means less cranking the AC, lower energy bills, and happier employees who no longer have to hide their pit stains.

Plus, Window film reduces glare significantly allowing for optimal screen visibility without squinting or adjusting blinds, boosting productivity and eye health.

All these benefits, without sacrificing the beautiful view you may have.

Spice Up Your Walls with Wraps:

image 1

Let your imagination run wild with custom wall wraps! Showcase your brand story, highlight your team’s achievements, or feature stunning local landscapes of Vero Beach – the possibilities are endless. These vibrant wraps not only add personality to your space but also solidify your brand identity, foster team spirit, and leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors.

Embrace Privacy with Frosted Film:

image 3

Glass walls offer openness, but sometimes privacy matters. Frosted film is great for privacy, without sacrificing any of the light coming in. And it doesn’t have to be plain – our frosted film can be customized to cover a certain portion of the window, or cover the full pane. We’re able to embed your logo into the design, so it stands out and still showcases your brand vs just an opaque look.

Ready to transform your office? We’re here to help!

Solar Solutions offers a wide range of window film solutions to fit your specific needs and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s create a workplace that’s both cool and captivating for your team. Remember, a happy and comfortable team is a productive team – and that’s an investment worth making!

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