People and Dogs Both Benefit from Tinted Windows

Dog standing on two legs and looking out the window

In our last blog, we discussed having your home’s windows tinted to benefit both you and your pets.  We discussed how dogs and cats cool themselves differently than humans and can become overheated while basking in front of windows and sliding doors, watching the outdoor world.  Even though they are doing so from the comfort of the air-conditioned house, the heat is more intense near windows and sliding doors, causing our pets to get overheated.  By tinting your home’s windows, you reduce the heat and harmful UV rays that come into your home, also reducing your utility bill!


But, homes aren’t the only buildings that benefit from window tinting.  Several months back we tinted some west-facing windows for H.A.L.O. Rescue in Sebastian.  In case you are unfamiliar with it, H.A.L.O Rescue is a no-kill rescue that was founded in 2006.  H.A.L.O. stands for Helping Animals Live and Overcome.  To date, H.A.L.O. has saved over 18,000 lives!  We are proud to have helped H.A.L.O. by tinting these windows in the prep space, making it more comfortable for the angels that work there every day, as well as the animals which are in their care.


We often relate window tinting to cars, not realizing that our homes and commercial buildings benefit greatly from it.  A comfortable workspace is proven to increase productivity.  And, in a place like H.A.L.O. we think the employees should be as comfortable as possible while they are doing their amazing work of saving animals and finding them their forever homes.


Perhaps you have been looking for a place to volunteer and an opportunity to give back to your community.  If you are an animal lover, then H.A.L.O. may be a perfect fit for you.  There are multiple ways you can help.  You can spend one on one time with the animals to help prepare them for their future home, increasing their comfort level with humans and helping them learn that there are loving, trustworthy humans ready to take them home.  You can help with their adoption days by handling the animals, answering questions, and helping people and animals find their perfect match!  If you want something less physically taxing or are perhaps simply really good with computers and/or marketing, H.A.L.O. needs you too!  This volunteer position can even be done from home which is ideal for someone who wants to volunteer but may be physically unable due to illness, disability, or transportation issues.  Volunteering from home is also a great option during the COVID-19 pandemic.  H.A.L.O. needs help getting their adoptable pets out on social media for people to see!


While H.A.L.O. already had windows tinted, perhaps there is a shelter near where you live that hasn’t had this done yet.  That would be an amazing gift to give your local shelter.  If your local shelter is on Florida’s east coast from Cocoa Beach to Merritt Island, Satellite Beach, or Palm Bay, please give us a call today at Solar Solutions!  Or, perhaps, your shelter doesn’t require window tinting, but your home, vehicle, or other commercial building (perhaps a different charitable organization) needs it, then please call us.  We offer free estimates, have been in the industry for over twenty years, and have an outstanding reputation.  And, we look forward to working with you!

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